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Welcome Y'all!

"Home is where the heart is...or at least where you stay when you ain't out digging relics."      (an anonymous...and now single...relic hunter)






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All artifacts sold by Greybird Relics were found legally on private property with owner's permission, and we only buy if our sources can confirm that. As well, any artillery sold or listed here has been rendered inert and non explosive.


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 Remember, our outlet is open seven days a week at Big Shanty Antique Market, Kennesaw GA. Y'all Come!


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Welcome to the home of Greybird Relics!  It is our desire to offer the world a little bit of the history and heritage of the American Civil War by way of authentic artifacts, books, and  information. Please, take your time and look around.  We hope you'll find something to take home for yourself or the Civil War Buff in your life.  But at the very least, we hope you'll leave here with a new found interest in those turbulent times, and a better understanding of those who try to preserve history by rescuing irreplaceable artifacts from the trash heaps or bulldozers.

You'll also find a bit of humor and entertainment on these pages, and there's a good reason for that. Not only is laughter the best medicine, it's also a pretty good teacher. Chances are, when something makes you smile, it'll also hold your interest, and we'd like you to stick around here at least long enough to learn a little about us. Regardless of what you thought before, preserving history can be fun.  But lest anyone get the wrong idea, here's where we stand:

"War is not funny. History preservation is not funny. People are funny. And relic hunters (and collectors, in their frenzy to save the past) can be hilarious."

  About Us

Since the 1970's, Butch Holcombe has been searching the battlefields and campgrounds of North Georgia (as well as relic shows and other digger’s pouches…with their permission) for artifacts relating to the Civil War. Meanwhile, 200 miles away in South Carolina, Anita Engel was pursuing her own collecting interests. On July 4, 2000, they combined their inventories and knowledge to form Greybird Relics, an emporium of both Military and Civilian antiquities of the Civil War and Victorian era.  As their mascot and mentor, they chose Millie G. Byrd, an African Grey Parrot who possesses not only an uncanny sense of business, but also an unhealthy love of Mexican food.

The three can now be found here on these web pages, as well as at selected shows throughout the south. If you want to really get on their good side, bring Butch a good button, show Anita a nice piece of Victorian Jewelry, or give Millie a Taco.

Buy With Confidence From The Greybird!

Always remember the Greybird Promise: If you are unsatisfied with any purchase, it may be returned within thirty days for a refund, less postage. Also understand, we are only human, and in our opinion, all the REAL Civil War experts have been dead for almost a hundred years. We will never willingly misrepresent an antiquity as to it's period, but mistakes can happen.  So, if an artifact ever turns out to be newer than the age we represent it as, there is no limit to the time frame on returns.


What our customers are saying:

Hay, guys Its me again. I've found a few more things I must have. I have to say that you guys have a lot of neat stuff at real good prices                            Robbie


I just received all my goodies today and LOVE IT!!!! Thank You for your super quick shipping also.                                                                                 Maria


I'm delighted to say that the erasers and pin arrived safely at the Baltic Exchange here in the UK this morning. What an excellent service - speedy, inexpensive and secure...I am so pleased to have discovered them on your splendid website and brought them back to England. They are in excellent condition and will have a very special place in my collection - I didn't even vaguely suspect that such cutlery items actually existed until I saw them on your Internet site. Many thanks, Greybird Relics. I am) a very satisfied customer on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean! 
 Ian B. (United Kingdom)

The US Plate came today.  I've not been able to put it down since I
opened the box. Will make a great center piece for my display case.      
Daniel T. in Texas


Thank you for the perfect relics. I will be checking your site a few times a week. Tim W.


I just received my items today and I wanted to tell you that I am thrilled with my purchases!  Thank you very much for the care and attention that provided me with such a wonderful and comfortable transaction.  You know, I'm still from the old school - who would have thought that I would send money to a total stranger for items I have never physically seen!  You are a credit to 'internet business' and I will stop by and recommend your site to others.  Hope to do business again, soon!!                                                                                                      Karen (Ottawa, Canada)


What a fast response! You Georgia people sure stay up late!                     Walter  (Gadsden, AL)


 … let me say what great relic site you have. I thoroughly enjoy visiting almost every day to see what you have. (does) Millie really like Mexican food??       Greg (Adairsville, GA)                                                                                 

(note from Millie: Take me to Taco Bell and I'll show you a thing or two!)


Love the website and all the wonderful things on it.
Christie (MO)


Oh, I almost forgot to mention the reason I'm writing this.  The bond and coupon arrived today in perfect condition, as always.
Jack (CA)


...i was very pleased with the bullets I received from you and would like to order more.                                                                                                       Bob (NY)

You guys have an awesome website.  I'm glad I found you.

I love
your website. It is really easy to navigate and there is a lot of
merchandise. Thanks again!


I've  really enjoyed your web site.  It is informative and entertaining.  Keep of the good work.    



...received the  relics, thank you very much, they are a very neat item considering being ...130 years old. Very happy to be the new keeper of the past so to speak for them.


Just wanted to let you know that the bullets arrived and they are just great.  Thank you for your patience in helping me with the order.  My family now has a small piece of history that they’ll treasure.                                                 Bill

How to Order

Before sending payment, be sure to email us first to make sure the item you want is still in stock, and so we can also quote the shipping charges. You may pay through Paypal  (click on icon below) with credit card or electronic payments, or if you prefer, a money order may be sent snail mail

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You can always see our inventory here at our website, at Big Shanty Antique Mall in Kennesaw, GA, or we invite you to visit us at the shows that we attend each year. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, wants, or with items you wish to sell or trade, also.

We are a member of CWDCA,
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