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       "I figure that, ounce per ounce, it'd be a lot cheaper to collect gold coins"      

 (collector, contemplating buying a particularly scarce Confederate button)


To many collectors and diggers, nothing is quite as exciting as finding a button from the Civil War.  Not only is it a very personal item, they are also beautiful examples of die work done by craftsman who processed a skill rarely found in modern times. Buttons, especially Confederate ones, are also one of the better investments in Civil War antiquities.

To save time, feel free to click the following links to take you to the buttons you are most interested in!                                                    

Dug Yankee Buttons   Dug Confederate Buttons                                     

 Non Dug Buttons


Dug Yankee Buttons

Item #


Gilted General Service Button: Only traces of gold remain, but scarce to see this on a general service button. Most were made ungilted.  Found in Wilmington, NC Just Added! BN511 $12
Coat size Staff officer button: solid, “Extra Quality backmark, found at Willmington, NC Just Added! BN512JEJJ $30

Eagle A Artillery: cuff/kepi size, tin back, no shank. Good detail Willmington, NC Just Added!

BN513JFJJ $14

Eagle Infantry “R” Button: Some gilt, cuff size, back damaged but retains thread. From Picketts Mill, Ga

DM415 $30

  Eagle I Infantry button, vest size, 50% gilt,  “Scovill Co/ Waterbury” Backmark: Found in Wilmington, NC Just Added!

BN521JGJJ $16

 Eagle I Infantry button, vest size, no backmark, Approximately 50% gilt finish remains, Found in Wilmington, NC Just Added!

BN520JGJJ $15

Eagle I Infantry button, vest size, no backmark, traces of gilt, Found in Wilmington, NC Just Added!

BN519JFJJ $14

Eagle I Infantry Button: vest size,  no backmark, Approximately 50% gilt finish remains, Found in Wilmington, NC Just Added!

BN514JGJJ $16

Coat Size Union “I” Infantry Officer Button:  23 mm, can’t read backmark. A little rough but very solid. Found near Dead Angle, ie Cheatham’s Hill.


Eagle General Service Button: Good condition, shank bent, From New Hope Church

DM414 $7
Gilted Eagle Button: 21 mm coat size, fair push in shield, otherwise perfect. “Scovill Mfg. Co./Waterbury” backmark. Rare to find a general service button that has been gilt finished (gold), about 25% gold remains Found at New Hope church. From the Don McMichael collection. DM379  $8

Eagle General Service Button: Very good condition, clear coated, backmark “Extra Quality” Coat size. Found on Stanley Road near Hardees Salient, Marietta, Ga From the Don McMichael collection. 

DM199 $8

Connecticut cuff button: great detail, “Scovill Co/ Waterbury” Backmark: Found in Wilmington, NC. Just Added!

BN515AJJJ $25
Massachusetts Volunteer Militia Button: 22mm. No shank, slight push in face, little ground action and decent detail. Traces of gilt. Has 1850 style “Waterbury Button Co./Waterbury” backmark (smaller letters than most, kind of scarce). Found in New Bern, NC. BN503AJJJ $29
New York Button: Coat size. Another Jonesboro find, coat size. Rim is missing but button has been neatly glued back together. Can't make out bm



New York Button: 22 mm coat size, shank intact but bent over, slight push and rim 90% intact. Can't read b/m, came from South Mountain, VA. Covered in green, lots of ground action, but has lots of gold under the green if you care to clean it.



Fancy Zouave button: Found at Hixon, TN, this is a vest size “basket weave” style. Back mark is “SCOVILL/EXTRA” in a RMDC (raised mark/depressed channel). A definite Civil War era button with gilt in recesses, no pushes, with shank.   


Maine Militia Button: Early Star pattern, very slick and near perfect, an early dig from Kennesaw, GA (known as Big Shanty during the war). Shank missing, has old English backmark of “Treble Gilt London.” 22 mm coat size, one piece.

BN432DEJJ $100
Dug Confederate Buttons

Item #


Pewter I Confederate Infantry Button: These “white metal” pewter/lead alloy buttons are not seen as often as the brass cast buttons, and several variations exist. This one has a section missing that looks like a period break. No shank. Found at Confederate location in East Point, Georgia. Just Added!



Vest Size Lined I Button: 14mm, Albert’s #CS173 Confederate “floating shank” made by P.Tait, although it’s hard to make out backmark on this one. Has moderate ground action. The floating shank design allowed more to be packed into one crate, as these were imported from England.



Georgia State Seal Button: 24 mm coat size, Horstman & Allien bm, Alberts GA5. Found at Fredericksburg, VA. Moderate-heavy crease in front is contemporary to button, still has good detail, no gilt remains.



Kentucky Staff Officer’s Coat Button: Albert’s KY1, Tice # 200-E-3. Unlike many, this one is 100% Civil War. It was dug in north Georgia, I think (but am not certain).  Backmark is raised mark/depressed channel “SUPERIOR QUALITY.”  Hard to find in a dug example. Has moderate push in face, but gilt is in right places to make this one look good in your display case. Not at shop, please call to view.



Maryland Staff  Officer’s Button: Albert’s MD 11, Slight push on eagle, no shank, otherwise good, very solid with75% gilt. Dug in Virginia, I think, years ago. “CANFIELD BRO & CO/ BALTIMORE.” Not at shop, please call to view. 

BN489AGEJ  $375

North Carolina state seal button, no backmark local, but part of back missing. Found in Wilmington, NC. Just Added!



North Carolina Sunburst Button: No shank as are most, great detail, Found at Malvern Hill, Va. Just Added!



North Carolina Sunburst Button:  Good detail, shank missing as is 99.99% of all dug. Thought to be a north Georgia find.



Rare  North  Carolina “Lathe Turned” Coat Button: Albert’s NC 14. Not the standard NC sunburst, these were made from heavy stock and exhibit strong shanks and lathe marks on back. Shank only half there, plus traces of gilt. Some ground action, but design and “NC” show up fine. From Virginia. Not at shop, please call to view.



North Carolina State Seal Button: Two separate pieces, no shank, condition is bad but little ground action and pretty good detail. No backmark. . Don’t think back was dug with it, but is correct and came from same area. In great need of loving repair… As cheap as you’ll ever see a Confederate state seal button! Found in Newborn, NC. BN495JDJJ


Virginia state seal: low convex, “Young Smith/ New York” backmark, back is beautiful, moderate ground action on face. Found at Malvern Hill, Va Just Added! BN518GEJJ   $140

South Carolina Cuff: No shank, but lots of gold. Some ground action, especially on back, but still a solid example. Found near Fredericksburg, VA  







Virginia One Piece: Solid with fairly good detail, great clear backmark, but no shank.  This is Albert's #VA1, and was found in Williamsburg, VA 



North Carolina: Local made, dug Albert’s NC8, has the hard to find sheet metal drilled shank. However, I THINK this one has had the back professionally repaired. If so, the guy was an artist; if not, you’re getting a great price on a scarce button.  Slight traces of silver on face (even more rare). 



Hillsboro Military Academy: Albert’s SU 150, 19mm, gilt in all low areas of lined field and letter make this a stand-out example of a wartime NC military school.  I first thought this one was reshanked, but closer inspection shows it is original and unrepaired Not at shop, please call to view.  



Western Military Institute: Albert’s SU 429, 19mm, a gorgeous example! Approximately 90% gilt finish remains. Good solid button in all ways. As pretty a Civil War era Military School button as you’ll see dug. Found near Nashville, TN. This school merged with Nashville Military College in 1855. "SCOVILLE & Co" backmark. Not at shop, please call to view.



Confederate Button Back: Believed for NC state seal “Standing Sheppard” button, found in New Bern, NC. 21.89 mm, traces of gilt on back, hole where shank was. Has backmark, can’t read. 



Non Dug Civil War Era Confederate Buttons

Item #


  South Carolina Vest Size: 19mm, bm of "Horstman & Allien. NY." Perfect in all ways. Alberts SC 15B.



Non Dug Civil War Era Federal Buttons

Item #


Massachusetts Volunteer Militia: Non dug, Albert’s MS 35, “Scoville Mfg. Co Waterbury” b/m, staff button in perfect condition. 22 mm.



Eagle Infantry Button: Worn by non-com officers, this one is non dug with blank back. Slight push at 1 o'clock position of face. Floating shank was made that way, but has slight push in back (almost unnoticeable). Slight traces of SILVER wash remain in shield, this one shows good honest use. 21mm, no bm. Tice’s GI200B7 (Alberts GI79)



Eagle Infantry: Non dug, coat size, slight push in back at shank, otherwise very nice. No gilt. Tice # GI 215-17 Backmark “Goddard & Bro: Waterbury.” 



Eagle General Service: GI 94, non dug, floating shank (these shanks were designed to fold flat  to allow more to be packed in a crate, the story says), no backmark Coat size 21 mm



Eagle General Service Gilted: non dug, GI 94, tin back, unlike most General Service buttons, this one is gilted (gold finish) no backmark, Coat size.



Eagle General Service: GI 94, non dug, moderate/heavy push to face and back, shank intact. no backmark Cuff size.



Eagle General Service: Non dug, Albert’s GI-94 A 44 (19.5 mm) size, Waterbury Button Co.” in milted channel. A classic Civil War era button, a type used by numerous “Yankees”. In perfect condition, solid, with pleasing tarnish. 



Gilted General Service Eagle: Nondug. This is the gilt face with tin back occasionally dug in Western Theater Civil War sites. Unusual in that most Eagle General Service buttons were not gilted. 21 mm Coat size. This type had a shank which was affixed without solder.



1700-1865 Misc. Buttons

Item #


  First Regiment of Artillery Button: early 1800s, considerable ground action, cuff size, no backmark, half shank, from Ft. Powatan, VA Just Added!



First Regiment of Artillery Button: early 1800s, good detail cuff size, no backmark, no shank, from Ft. Powatan, VA Just Added!



Early 1800s Navy Button: Cuff size, one-piece brass, backmark appears to be “Rich Colour.” Great Detail. From Castle Hall Plantation, Charleston, SC Just Added!



12th United States Regiment Button: early 1800s,Cuff size, from Ft. Powatan, VA. Good condition, minor ground action, This is a tough one to find!  Just Added!



“Flower” Button: Found at site of Owens Mill, Georgia. One piece cast brass with applied shank. Vest size. Don McMichael collection   



Cuff size flat button. Would just be run-of-mill 1800s button, but found in same hole  with a breastplate at Alatoona Church, Ga. Don McMichael collection. 



  Civilian Flower Button: 23mm, no gilt, bent shank. Circa 1850s, found in Charleston, SC.



Ball Button: Coat size, 18mm, often used by Zouaves of musicians.  From Wilderness, VA  area.  



Colonial Era Flat Buttons: All sizes, all with shanks.  Found in Charleston, SC area.


$3 each

Large Coat Weight/Buttons: Made of lead, these are said to have served dual purpose, which I believe. Definite Civil War or before era. These are about 1.150" diameter. Found at Wilderness/So`uth Mountain Area. Have two in this size.             


$3 each

Medium Coat Weight/Buttons: Made of lead, these are said to have served dual purpose, which I believe. Definite Civil War or before era. These are about .950" diameter. Found at Wilderness/South Mountain Area. Have four in this size.          


$3 each

Livery Button: Originally from England, these are sometimes found at Confederate sites. Don't know where this one was dug from, but it's nice, with almost 90% of the silver plate remaining. Solid cast, no BM. Shank present and straight but eye squashed close.26mm



Tiny Flat Button: Decorative, 12mm with gilt traces. Early 1800's.



Plain two Piece Button:  Civilian style, "Browning and King", found near Charleston, SC               



Non-Dug Civil War Buttons

Item #


Eagle “I” Hat Pin: Not sure if soldier did this or it was a .later modification, but it is cool. Cuff size Civil War era I button has two brass wires soldered in place of shank to fasten it on hat, etc…



New York Coat Button: Civil War “EXTRA QUALITY” backmark.  



Civil War English Anchor Button: Cuff/vest size 18 mm. Looks very similar to Confederate Navy buttons made in England, and I’m betting there is some connection, perhaps the same die maker? No matter, it was allegedly made as a generic Navy before or during the Civil War. Backmark is “PRINCE & Co / LONDON.”



Bone Buttons: 1800's era, identical to those dug in camps and period house sites. Perfect for re-enactors of all periods. Four hole styles only in stock.


1.00 ea.

Plain Civilian  Button Set: 5 matching buttons, perfect for a coat repair or reinactor who wants the real deal. Late 1700-Early 1800's, plain face, one piece. These are the type imported to America from England, used by most civilians of the era, and they even occasionally turn up on Confederate uniforms. B/m "*Warranted*Orange" .677" diameter. Includes 4.5 x 5.5  riker display case 



Plain Civilian  Button: Late 1700-mid 1800's, plain face, one piece. These are the type imported to America from England, used by most civilians of the era, and they occasionally turn up on Confederate uniforms. B/m "Extra Color" .742" diameter.  BN377JAJJ


Plain Civilian  Button: Late 1700-mid 1800's, plain face, one piece. These are the type imported to America from England, used by most civilians of the era, and they occasionally turn up on Confederate uniforms. B/m "Superfine Color" in old English text .733" diameter.  BN379JAJJ


Plain Civilian  Button: Late 1700-Early 1800's, plain face, one piece. These are the type imported to America from England, used by most civilians of the era, and they even occasionally turn up on Confederate uniforms. B/m "Rich Gold Color" .734" diameter.  BN360JAJJ


American Made Plain Civilian  Button: Early 1800's, plain face, one piece. These are made by Kendricks & Co, an 1830's American Manufacture. Very desirable backmark especially in nondug. Like most civilian buttons of the era, they also occasionally turn up on Confederate uniforms.789" diameter. 



Non Dug Coat Weight/Buttons: Made of lead, these are said to have served dual purpose, which I believe. Rarely seen non dug.  Perfect buttons for a reinactor to wear to have that fully authentic look. Have five.                 


$5 each

Indian War & Post Civil War Buttons (Non dug unless noted)

Item #


Marine Corps Button: Cuff size, backmark “WATERBURY BUTTON CO.” Dug in Kennesaw, Georgia early 1900s. Don McMichael collection.   


DM374 $12

Marine Corps Button: Coat size: AMB&Co" Back Mark.” Dug  in Kennesaw, Georgia,early 1900s. Don McMichael collection.   




Late 1800s-early 1900s Police Button: Cuff size, "Waterbury Co. Inc/ Conn" backmark.



Late 1800s-early 1900s Navy Buttons: Have 4, coat size, have backmarks of "Extra Quality" (with fastening pins), 2 with "Waterbury Button Co", one with "WHHC/ London" (with pin). Also have one cuff size "NS MEYER" Your choice.


$4 each

South Carolina Coat Button: Staff officers style 3-piece, “HORSTMANN BROS & CO. / PHIL” Probably 1870-80 era.




New York Coat Button: 1870s-1880s Indian War era. “WATERBURY BUTTON CO.” backmark. One tarnish spot on back.



New York Coat Button: 1870s-1880s Indian War era. “SCOVILL MF’G Co / WATERBURY” backmark. Nice gilt-  



Illinois Staff Officers Coat Button: “WATERBURY BUTTON CO.” backmark. 1870s-1880s Indian War era.



Massachusetts Button: late 1800s, backmarked “Scovill Mfg Co/ Waterbury.” Cuff size, non dug.



Indian Wars Artillery Helmet Button: Brass, 1” diameter. nondug.  Not made with w/shank, but with tab. For Artillery Dress Helmet Model 1881.



Maine Button: Coat size, three piece staff officer, “M. C. Lilley& Co/ Columbus, O” Perfect non dug condition. Late 1800s 



Navy Button: Vest size, “MB Myer Inc./N.Y.C.” Late 1800s.



Illinois Button: Cuff size, non dug “Scovill Mfg Co/Waterbury” backmark. 1870s.



Indian War Eagle Infantry: Dates to 1870s, unlisted in books I’ve seen. “Horstmann Bros & Co Phil” b/m. I on stippled shield, button is perfect in every way with 100% gilt. 22mm coat size



Pennsylvania   Staff "Pat 1888": Cuff size. "A. P. Davis Pat Nov 20th 1888" b/m. Three piece button. Floating style shank.



 Late Victorian decorative button: Thin stamped brass with small soldered on shank. I'd guess age as late 1800-early 1900.



Button Dies

Item #


Unknown "Knight With Flag On Horse Over Dragon" Button Die: Title says it all. Made a vest size button. BNC349JAJJ $25

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