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"You paid how much for that?? Why didn't you just go dig one up?"

(collector's spouse, after purchase of rare item)


Nothing is quite as historical as an artifact that is dug from the ground. We can tell a lot about the soldiers by examination of the actual equipment they carried and lost while in camp or battle. There is also a certain satisfaction in knowing that these relics were rescued from destruction, either from bulldozers, or the natural elements themselves. Please note that all relics offered by Greybird were legally found, and offered for sale as such. We hope you'll find something of interest here...

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Bullet Mold Display: Cast ball and what looks to be a .38 caliber bullet (ball) mold, found at Shiloh on private property with permission, as all our items are. DY142JBJJ SOLD
Bullet Mold Display: Cast ball and what looks to be a .38 caliber bullet (ball) mold, found at Shiloh on private property with permission, as all our items are. DY141JBJJ $50

Enfield Nose Cap: A favorite weapon of the Confederates in the Georgia Campaign. This one has a bend in end, Battle struck? No way to know for sure.


Odd Heel Plate: Found near Picketts Mill, Georgia, near action known as “Hells Hole.” Looks to be commercially made, cast iron, found near Confederate lines. Rusty but solid. JUST ADDED!

MD724JJGJ $14

Engraved “HB” Plate: Only half is there, might be a belt plate but I think it more likely a trunk or luggage tag. 1 ¾ x 2 “. Sheet brass. From a Wilmington, NC collection. Comes with 3 x 4” riker case.  



US Smoothside Canteen: One side is mostly missing, other side is complete except for hole shown in photo.  Spout and strap holders all intact.  Cleaned and coated. Displays well.  From Stafford, VA 



US Springfield Model 1861 Lock Plate:  Date readable (“1862”) also part of U.S. SPRINGFIELD” and even the eagle is visible in right light (but that part is HARD to see). Hard to find in such good condition. From Richmond, Virginia.

MD694JAJJ $27
Issac Campbell Confederate Knapsack Hook: These are hard to find, and a great documented Confederate relic imported through the blockade. No markings as all are unmarked, but made by S Issac Campbell of London. From Wilderness-South Mountain area.. MD460CJJJ1


Blacksmith Made Spur: Civilian style, very small, might be for a child or woman. Cleaned and coated iron. Found at Wilderness/South Mountain Area.               MD500JAJJ1 $20
Iron Spur: Civilian style or light military, early 1800's, both strap holders broken off, no rowel. From the Wilderness/South Mountain area. As dug, not cleaned nor coated.  MD543JDJJ


US Cavalry Spur: Gutter back type, no rowel, otherwise complete. The type used by tens of thousands of US Cavalrymen during the Civil War.

MD705JJJJ $65

Octagon Civilian Rosette: Lead fill, some lead missing, mid 1800s, found in Charleston, SC. No hooks.

MD646JAJJ $5
Harness Tip: Long thought to be Confederate Insignia, these are really just tippets for harness straps. Not often found, though! Size is 3/4" x 1 1/4", made of cast brass.







Large Civilian Rosette: Lead filled, silver plated, and as right for the period as they come. I've dug almost identical ones at a Confederate Cavalry site here in GA. This one was dug in Murfreesboro, TN, and almost looks like it had engraving on the face. Unfortunately not all there, but priced accordingly. 







Small Hinged Gun Cleaning Brush: Still has remains of the hog hair bristles. Overall 2 ¾ “ long. Just like standard carbine cleaning brush but smaller. Dug in South Carolina Lowcountry.

MD628JAJJ  $12
Knife Ferrell Band (?): Found near Harpers Ferry area. Very crude, looks to probably  be from a big bowie. Thin iron, cleaned. .750" x 1" MD536JAJJ


US Musket Punch Tool: Complete, pitted, one pin is almost rusted through. Used to remove the pins from musket lock. Cleaned and coated. MD9JAEE


1865 Two Cent Coin: Decent detail for a dug coin.  Found in Savannah, GA, area 

MD601JAJJ $16

Bullet Worm/wiper: Used to extract jammed bullets, and also to hold rag to clean barrel. Found in North Georgia 



Large Coat Weight/Buttons: Made of lead, these are said to have served dual purpose, which I believe. Definite Civil War or before era. These are about 1.150" diameter. Found at Wilderness/South Mountain Area. Have two in this size.             


$3 each

Medium Coat Weight/Buttons: Made of lead, these are said to have served dual purpose, which I believe. Definite Civil War or before era. These are about .950" diameter. Found at Wilderness/South Mountain Area. Have four in this size.          



Clay Pipe: Smooth bowl, with enough stem to smoke. Marked Black king Twist and Old Charlie Smoking. One side has black spots on it in two places.    



Broken Brass Candlestick Holder: Brass, 3 “ long, from Savannah, GA.


Late 1800s Rail Road Padlock: Central of Georgia Railway, Late 1800s, solid brass, Hasp moves, marked “Fraim /Lancaster, PA” and “ CRR of GA” Missing keyhole cover, dented on one side like someone tried to break into it. Found in Savannah, GA- 


Railroad Padlock: Marked “NC & Sl RW” (Nashville, Chattanooga, & St. Louis Rail Way), solid brass, missing back side and hasp. The NC&StL RW was chartered in 1845, unsure what this one dates to. Found in Chattanooga, TN. Mounted in 5 ¼  x 6” velvet lined glass top riker case, with hole for wall hanging.  MD698JGJJ $32

Small Brass Padlock: Mid 1800s, 1 x 1 ¾”.  Iron hasp, brass body, keyhole cover marked with crown and “VR”. From Willmington, NC collection. With small riker case. 



Butcher Knife Remains: Blade worn out, handle broken, mid-late 1800s, found on side of Lost Mountain, GA.

MD712JAJJ $4
Colonial Clay Pipe: One side very good, other broken as shown: Could be used in a pinch. Approximately 2 1/2 of stem remains. MD714JAJJ SOLD

Small brass bell: Found in Savannah, 2.25 at mouth, 1.25 high. Silver plated. Part of bell missing, no clapper. Some say these were used as cavalry alarms but who knows for sure? 



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