"They're too big to lose, to heavy to easily steal, and I've yet to break one"  (noted collector on why he now collects shells)


There's nothing quite as formidable has owning an artillery shell. To think of the fire power of the Civil War cannons inspires a sense of awe. One only has to read the accounts of the battles to know how effective the Artillery troops with their big guns were.

Note: Artillery sold or listed here has been rendered inert and non explosive.


Item #


6 -pound Confederate Bormann Cannonball w/ Fuse Modification: Rarer small size shell, Fuse is unreadable, partially melted or impacted. These were drilled to insert a paper time fuse after the original CS made Bormann fuses were found to be defective. Nice mold see, around shell, 100% Confederate. Believed to have been a north Georgia find. From the Don McMichael collection.  DM135 $290

Parrott Time Fuse Adapter: Long version, zinc, nice mold seam also, good condition, slight impact mark on lip. Found near Kennesaw Mountain  From the Don McMichael collection. 

DM125 $45
Schenkl Percussion Fuse: Missing “guts”, outer brass housing only. No damage, found near Kennesaw Mountain, Ga. From the Don McMichael collection.  DM127  $50

12-pound Bormann Cannonball: Found near Blakely, Alabama. Cleaned and coated to prevent further rust. Has been drilled and powder removed and washed out. Inert and safe, as are all of our projectiles. There is a shallow hole in top of fuse, not sure why.

AY95AEJJ $255

Bormann Case Shot:  Punched fuse, but never fired. Nice iron, great readable fuse. Powder has been removed through small drilled hole and shell rendered safe. Some of pitch leaked out of shell when drilled to remove powder, a nice added bonus as you can see what held the lead balls in place. Found near Resaca, GA. For 12 pounder gun.

AY78ADJJ $275

Confederate “Star” Fragments: From segmented cannonball. Made in Selma Arsenal, these were cast to break at segments creating more equal distribution of the shrapnel.  Found  near New Hope Church, GA.

DM356 $10

(have 4)

Ten Shell Fragments: Found near Brushy Mountain, Ga, part of Kennesaw Mountain line, during construction. Med-large.


DM354 $15
Cannonball fragment with pitch: Still has some of the black pitch, from Pine Mountain, site of General Polk’s death. About three inches across.  Just Added! DM389 $15
Large Cannonball Fragment Found At Hardee’s Salient: Approximately 3x4”, has part of fuse hole (Bormann).


DM347 $14

Confederate Artillery Shell Fragments:  Med-large, two show nice bourelets (raised rings) and other part of the nose. Found near Brushy Mountain, Ga, part of Kennesaw Mountain line, during construction. Includes diggers map & notes.   


DM355 $18

Artillery Fragments: 11 assorted US artillery fragments. Small-med size. Found near Greer’s Chapel Rd, Ga.


DM359 $15

James Shell Fragment: Found near Shiloh, or so we were told. This is an odd fragment, part of the “birdcage” on the bottom of large James Shells. I THINK this is from a 3.8” James. 


AY91JEJJ $20
Hotchkiss Shell Base, bottom only. Found at Battle of Dallas, GA From Don McMichael collection.


DM325 $10

10 Lb Parrott Artillery Shell Base: Found near New Salem Church, Hardee’s Salient.  Nice brass sabot, good iron. Fired from three inch gun.


DM357  $35

  3" Hotchkiss Percussion Base: Flange is ¾ missing, but bottom is complete, even showing the “Hotchkiss” stamping in the base (Pat Date is visible, but illegible). Cleaned and coated. Found some where in Atlanta, we were told.

AY71AJJJ $35
20 lb Parrott Sabot: Half, with nice rifling. Found somewhere in Atlanta, GA.


AY69JAJJ $12
 3" Partial Hotchkiss Shell: Base cup and shell were found several feet apart but likely from same shell. Can still see the "casting nail" in bottom of bursting cavity. Came from area North of  Kennesaw Mountain on private property. 


AY50BHJJ $90

Confederate Side Loader Plug:  These were used in the side of Confederate Round Balls to load the case shot. Good condition, except top (as always) shows some deforming from blast (these were made of lead). Threads and bottom good.  


AY77JAAA $35
  Confederate Side Loader Plug:  These were used in the side of Confederate Round Balls to load the case shot. Top (as always) shows deforming from blast (these were made of lead). Threads and bottom good.  From near Kennesaw Mountain, GA


AY68JBJJ $20

Artillery Friction Primer: Kingston, GA, longer than usual, Confederate?  Just Added!

DM384 $11
  12 second Frankford Arsenal Fuse Package: This is a full unopened package, dated 1863, of five second fuses. One tab has been slightly pulled open to reveal the fuse, somebody just had to peek! Overall, though, in fine condition and ready for your artillery collection.  AY14HAJJ  



Five second Frankford Arsenal Fuse Package: This is a mint condition unopened package, dated 1864, of five second fuses. Has been wrapped in plastic long ago to avoid soiling the package, but could be easily removed if you wish. Don't see the full packages much anymore, especially in this condition! AY10HFJJ  





Artillery Gimlet Handle: Missing the iron portion, Lead handle is in good dug shape. From Wilderness/South Mountain area. AY63JAJJ $8F99
Cannonball/shell stand: Protect your toes with these display holders. Fits all size balls, and also works well on most shells. Unfinished pine, so you can stain to match your decor. Ball not included.


$5  each