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    "My life is now like an open book...too bad I spent my youth scribbling on all the pages"  

    (anonymous Southern author)



    Books should be a part of any collector's life. This is especially true in the Civil War hobby. Although our pickings are slim right now, we hope to expand this section as we go along. Until then, though, here's a few to (pick one):          

     A-Entertain you                                                                

     B-Educate you                                                                  


     D-Put under that short leg on the dinning room table.

    The choice is yours...we only sell them!

    New Books

    Item #


    Discovering Virginia's Colonial Artifacts by Bill Dancy: Just released, a spectacular book of colonial relics!  400 pages color hardcover. JUST ADDED!



    The History & Story of the Lookout Mountain Cave Guns, by Charlie Harris. 101 pages, full color, loaded with photos.  JUST ADDED!



    Insignia of Independence Military Buttons, Accoutrement Plates, & Gorgets of the American Revolution: By Don Troiani & James Kochan.312 pages (8" x 11") hardcover.  (Description as per author's website). "This is an exhaustive and heavily illustrated study of military insignia of the American Revolution used by the Patriot, British, Loyalist, German and French forces. Included are regimental buttons, beltplates, cartridgebox badges, cap plates gorgets, and other insignia augmented with many period portraits showing these items in use."



      Ready Aim Fire: Small arms Ammunition in the Battle of Gettysburg: by Dean Thomas. 75 ppg. softcover. More than 375 bullet and cartridge specimens used by the Northern and Southern armies in the largest battle of the Civil War. A great affordable book that also gives some basic types of bullets used throughout the Civil War, regardless of location.



    Mathew Brady's Manassas Photo Journal: Exploring the first battlefield of the American Civil War in period images: by Dennis Hogge. 96 ppg, softcover. A sweeping tour of the battlefield of First Manassas as seen through the lenses of our nation's pioneer photographers. The bloody battle raged with stunning fury, leaving behind shockingly high fatalities and laying waste to the once peaceful landscape. It was the epic battle that proved it was not to be the predicted 



    Relics of the Coastal Empire- The Civil War Years: Full color, 300 pgs, a beautiful work and great reference book, over 1000 photos of artifacts from the Georgia/South Carolina coastal region.



    American Military Belt Plates: By O'Donnell & Campbell. The best reference available on US military accoutrement plates we've ever seen. 616 pgs. Hardcover.



    Record of American Uniform and Historical Buttons: By Alphaeus S. Albert. 511 pgs, hardcover. This is THE button book that everyone uses, Albert's button book.



    Military Button Makers And Dealers: By William McGuinn & Bruce Bazelon. 160 ppgs plus several pages of illustrations. THE backmark book. This is the only foolproof way to determine reliable dates on buttons. 



    Civil War Projectiles II:  By W. Reid McKee & M. E. Mason, Jr.192 pages + 10 page supplement, hardcover. The book that started an entire numbering system, this book is a must to decipher the MM system by most collectors use for bullets.



    Gettysburg Battlefield Relics & Souvenirs: By Mike O'Donnell.318 ppgs, hardcover. Don't let the name fool you, this is a useful book no matter what battlefield you like most. One of the best relic books in decades! Tons of pictures of relics from the common to rare.



    US Army & Militia Canteens 1775-1910: By Mike O'Donnell. 299 ppgs, hardcover. This is the most informative book ever done on canteens, and a goldmine of information. 



    Plates, Belts and Swords of the Grand Army of the Republic and Sons of Union Veterans: By Douglas Roussin, 148 ppgs, hardcover. A landmark book for collectors of Civil War Veterans items, and the most comprehensive ever on this fast growing portion of the collector's market. Includes crisp photos of each item, measurements, a rarity scale and a standardized cataloging number system.  



    American Military Headgear Insignia: By J. Duncan Campbell and Michael J. O'Donnell. 311 ppgs hardcover. Excellent reference of hat devices used from 1800-1870's. Great for helping identify dug insignia!



    The Federal Civil War Shelter Tent: By Frederick Gaede, 130 ppgs softcover. Very informative, illustrated study of this often overlooked piece of history.


    Interpreting History from Relics Found in Rural Civil War Campsites: By David Poche, Roger Baker, and Roger Hager. 57 ppgs softcover, this highly detailed and informative book gives valuable information of determining where to hunt in suspected camps, and how to interpret your findings. Fascinating, and a must read for any relic hunter, from beginner to veteran.



    Finding Civil War Camps in Rural Areas: By David Poche, Roger Baker, and Roger Hager. Long out of print, we were able to get a very few on a limited second run. This is a great book to help the relic hunter figure out where to find camps. Get them while you can!



    American Digger Magazine:  This is the magazine everybody's talking about!  The latest in what's being found in artifacts, and how to find them! We  have the current issue in stock now, plus most back issues. Written by the folks who dig it!  For more info on this magazine that's sweeping the nation, visit



    Never Mace A Skunk II: The Legends Continue: by Butch Holcombe and Charles S Harris, and richly illustrated by Glenn Watkins.: New 216 pages, glossy soft-cover,  this is the follow up to the original Never Mace A Skunk book, with all new characters and all new adventures.  Experience the joy of relic hunting while battling vengeful vegetation, grievous ghost, and of course lonesome livestock.  Laugh until you cry...then laugh some more. Signed by Butch Holcombe, can be personalized if you wish.



    Used Books

    Item #


    Lincoln's Men: By William C. Davis 315 ppgs, hardcover excellent condition, like new. With Dust Jacket, 1st edition 1999



    The Civil War Boxed Set: By William C. Davis. Three great books: The Commanders of The Civil War, The Battlefields of The Civil War, and The Fighting Men of The Civil War, each aprox 256 pages, softcover, heavily illustrated color and B/W. Cased in a hardboard sleeve. Perfect except slight staining on edge of "Commanders" book  and very slight case paper peeling as shown in the photo.



     Deeds of Valor-How America's Civil War Heroes Won The Congressional Medal Of Honor: 558 pgs hardcover, excellent condition, illustrated throughout in BW. Tells the story of each medal of Honor Winner. Very interesting stuff!





      Civil War Relics of the Western Campaign Autographed FIRST EDITION: Excellent artifact reference, very hard to find book, which last year sold out of its 4th printing, but here we have the 1987 FIRST EDITION,  autographed not only by author Charles Harris but also co author Michael O'Donnell.



    FIRST EDITION Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia by Francis Lord:: 360 ppg Hardcover, dust jacket ragged, spine slightly loose but intact, previous owner's name whited out on fly page. Original first edition, copyright 1965! This was the only relic book available for years.



    JEB Stewart- by John Thomason: 512 ppg, hardcover.  A comprehensive account of this General and his role in the Civil War. Good used condition, other than slight yellowing on edges.



    Southern History of the War: 1255 ppgs, hardcover, by Edward A Pollard. Written by the wartime editor of the Richmond Examiner, this gives a unique insight as to the Southern history of the War. Fascinating reading. Dust jacket is slightly rough, book itself is in very good condition although pages are yellowed from age. 



      Vol. I, Number II, North South Trader: The second most rare issue, almost as hard to get as the first one. In mint condition.  





    Antique Books

    Item #


    Diary From March 4, 1861 to Nov 12, 1862: The diary Adam Gurowski published in 1862. Interesting read including his views on the politics of the day. Book is in rough condition, needs rebinding. Gurowski was translator in the State Department in Washington D.C Gurowski was highly critical of officials in the Lincoln administration and was once described him as a madman with lucid intervals. This is the first edition. MN369ADJJ


    The First Hundred Years- A Short History of Cobb County, In GA: By Sarah Blackwell Gober Temple. 901 pages hardcover including index. This is a de-accessed library book, but is in excellent condition overall. . Last owner put name in fly cover, and rough section on last page where card slot was pulled off, but better condition than any I've seen for sale. And that's the beauty: you rarely see these for sale! But if you are interested in history or genealogy of this area, it is a must have. BK111BAJJ $75
    Self and Sex Series: What A Young Woman Ought to Know published 1898 by Sylvanus Stall in London.  Written by Mrs. Mary Wood-Allen, M.D. Chapters include What are You Worth?, Care of Body, Building Brains, Becoming a Woman, and many more in 264 pages. Spine is loose and some pencil marks are on the front and back blank pages.  Very readable and a fascinating look back.  BK41JIJJ $35
    Self and Sex Series: What a Young Boy Ought to Know published 1909 by Slyvanus Stall in London. Written by Sylvanus Stall, D.D.  Chapters, which are called Cylinders, include The Question of the Origin of Life, Natural and Proper, How Seeds are Made to Grow, God's Purpose in Giving us Hands, and many more in 193 pages.  Condition is good, spine intact.  Very readable and fascinating to learn how society was in the early 20th century. BK42JIJJ $35
    Civil War Text Book, The Union Reader:  264 pgs, published in 1862. Belonged to Fanny Warwick, Tracy Creek, NY as written in front leaf, who used it in 1888.  Back then it wasn't unusual for text books to be in use that long. A civil war era textbook printed for New York schools, in good condition   




    The Outlawed Banner (a first edition): A novel by Garland Roark. "A novel of ships lost and Women won." Published in 1956. A first edition, has dust jacket. Book in fairly good condition, cover a little ragged on edges. Was once a library book, has stamp inside (1956) plus note on overdue fines bring "3 cents a day for 14 days." BK95JHJJ $25
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