Bottles and Inkwells

"$25 for that wine bottle? But it's EMPTY!"

(Casual observer watching an onlne auction of an antique bottle)



Bottle collecting is a hobby unto itself, and deserving of it's own page. Also, the dating of glass items in an inexact science. Many designs and styles span many years; unless noted, these all date from the mid-late 1800's. Due to the fragile nature of these pieces, we suggest postal insurance on orders of value, as we can not be responsible for breakage in the mail. But rest assured that each piece will be packaged with care by us! Most of these were found in Savannah, Georgia. Being dug, some are uncleaned, but will require only a bit of effort to make them sparkle.

Bottles, Inkwells, & Jars Item # Price
Ink Bottle: Umbrella style Civil War era aqua eight sided ink. Very small period chip in base and rim.  Just Added! MD740AJJJ $20
  Wine Bottle: with pontil, pre 1860, pretty emerald green, applied top, 8 ½” tall



Semi-Torpedo: Late 1800s, applied top, very tiny shallow chip (less than 1/8”) on neck. Aqua 9 ½” tall 



Ceramic Bottle Stopper: Has wire remaining



Embossed Medicine “Dr. W.B. Caldwell’s Laxative Senna” Early 1900s  From Don McMichael collection 

DM337 $5

  ”Dr. Price’s Delicious Flavoring Extract” small Embossed Bottle. Early 1900s  From Don McMichael collection.

DM338 $5

Small 5" early 1900s embossed medicine bottle.  From Don McMichael collection. 

DM346 $2
  Embossed medicine bottle, chip on lip. Early 1900s   From Don McMichael collection  DM345 $2
Tiny 2" medicine bottle. Early 1900s  From Don McMichael collection . DM343 $3

Honey and Almond Cream / A.S. Hinds & Co/ Bloomfield. NJ. USA” embossed with original aluminum screw cap. 1920s. From Don McMichael collection.

DM341 $3

Embossed Brown Medicine Bottle “Capudine/ For Headache”. From Don McMichael collection.

DM340 $4 each

Small Sauce: 5 ¼” tall. Early 1900s


"Clicquot Club Co, Registered Boston, Mass": Embossed Soda, 1930s, intact but has 1” crack in neck and a “”ping” on base. 9” tall. A forerunner of Canada Dry.


Torpedo Bottle: These round bottom bottles were designed so that they could not stand upright, so the cork would always remain wet, avoiding leaks. Dug in Savannah, mostly cleaned. Nice aqua color.

BL36JBJJ $15



Aqua Soda: It needs needs cleaning, can't see a mold seem on it, embossing on base that I can't make out. Has two large bubbles in glass which add character. 9-1/4 Inches tall.


  Master Ink: Mid 1800's clay, very good condition, used to refill smaller ink wells. 6" tall, good glaze.  One small chip.   

BL11AFJJ $35




Pale Blue Soda Bottle: 9 1/2" tall, ABV9 embossed on bottom, mold seam runs to bottom of lip, lots of bubbles in glass,  late 1800s.






Clear Whisky Flask: 6 1/2" , mold seam stops at bottom of neck.






Paneled Front Clear Whisky Flask: 6 1/2" , mold seam stops halfway up neck. Light panel for label.


Medicine bottles: Amber  or clear glass vials, your choice. Either not dug or very clean. Age unknown. About 2 1/2 " tall.


BL80JAJJ $4 each
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