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"You've heard of those alchemist that used to try to figure out how to turn lead into a precious metal?  I think somebody finally succeeded!"

(anonymous collector, concerning prices of scarce bullets these days)


   What Civil War enthusiast hasn't, at one time or another, held a  "minieball" in their hand, and thought back to what it saw.  So harmless now, these lead slugs had one official purpose in the 1860's.  Now days, entire collections are based on the many types and variations of the bullets used during the Civil War. Here's a small sampling to get you going...

All Bullets are dropped (unfired) unless noted. MM-# are from Mason and McKee's Bullet book


Item #


Henry bullet display: Found in Jonesboro, it retains just a small portion of its cartridge. However, it is mounted on picture of complete cartridge, showing what it would have look like. In 2x3” riker case.



12MM Pinfire Casing: Found in Arkansas Civil War site, 12 mm pinfire, damaged but intact, casing only.

BT337JAJJ $8

.577 Enfield with intact boxwood plug: These still have the wood plug intact, and thus, all we know is there is a plug base beneath it. This came from a site where both “.57”, “L”, and “P” bullets were found, so it is likely one of those. A water find, grey-white patina. Have several, first come first serve.

BT327JEJJ $15/each

Burnside Carbine Cartridge: Might be a put together but very good job if so, small digger ding in brass but otherwise near perfect. Found at  Monocacy Junction, Maryland.

BT329JEJJ $39

Burnside Carbine Cartridge: Likely a put together but very good job if so. Casing patina looks like an early dig. Solid and near perfect. Found at  Monocacy Junction, Maryland.

BT330JEJJ  $49

Remains of Civil War Rifle Skin Cartridge: .58 three ring bullet, about 2.125” long altogether. In 2.5 x 3.5“ velvet lined black display case with label.

BT307JAGJ $34

Maynard Carbine Cartridge: Looks to be an early dig, very solid. Central Tennessee find. More scarce blunt nose style.

BT296AGJJ $40

Spencer Carbine Cartridge: Rough but complete, not a put together, unfired, digger ding on one side of bullet as shown. Found at  Monocacy Junction, Maryland.

BT332JEJJ $10 

Spencer Carbine Cartridge: Solid as dug, not put together. Central Tennessee find.

BT 297JHJJ $23

7 mm Eley pinfire (MM Cart. 115) cartridge: 

 Marked “ELEY” on base. Non dug.


BT323JEJJ $25

11 mm short pinfire (MM Cart. 113) cartridge: has "FUSNOT BRUXELLES" on bottom, and very old collector’s tag (which incorrectly identifies it as a “9mm”) Non dug.

BT325JEJJ  $25

7 mm pinfire (MM Cart. 116) cartridge

Non dug.

BT322JEJJ  $25

5 mm pinfire (MM Cart. 116) cartridge: Marked “B” on base. Old collector’s tag on it. Non dug.  


BT321JEJJ $25

.32 Teat Fire National (MM Cart. 97): A put together cartridge, but still displays nice, round teat. Non dug.


BT326JEJJ $30

Unlisted Swage Bullet with Star: This is only the third such bullet I ever saw, all were found near Picketts Mill, GA, one by me. .58 X 1.050. It is “spent, having been fired from a distance. Deep 6 point swage marks, which center into a distinct star

BT298JJJJ $60

Unlisted Salvaged Lead Confederate Enfield: .570 x .990, 3-2 cavity. Found at Mud Creek, Georgia. Nice example. (Note: These are among several dozen different bullets I found over the years that are unlisted by Mason & McKee.. Unless noted, all were found at Confederate sites in Georgia.)

BT260JAJJ $20

"P" Marked Base .57 Enfield: Size unlisted in MM .574 x 1.158 

BT265JAJJ $35

.71 Unlisted European Musket From Infamous "Confederate Wishing Well" in Savannah, GA: The only place I know these were found is at this site, which was where the Confederates dumped thousands of rounds of ammunition during the evacuation of Savannah. Has moderate powder damage as most from that site do.

BTJ236JEJJ $25

Unlisted Rifle/Musket?: I don't know what it is! Has wide ring in center. I don't think it's carved, but it is a large caliber (.72 or so) and must be fired. Shallow cavity. Found in South Carolina 

BT230JDJJ $8

Fieldcast Whitworth: Hard to be certain, but appears to be .45 and other Whitworths were found nearby. Looks to be fired. Found during construction at Cobb Industrial Park near Noonday Creek, Kennesaw, GA by long time relic hunter Bob Kish. Approximately 1.35" long. 

BT271BKC $85

  .45 Hazard (metallic cartridge style) Bullet:  Only the lead remains on this scarce bullet. Bottom ring on one side is powder damaged, other side displays great.   Found at Olley's Creek, GA 

BT155AEJJ $45

Fired .69 Tower Bullet: Scarce bullet, used by Confederate troops. As dug, a recent find from Murfreesboro/Franklin area of Tennessee.

BT292JAJJ $8

.44 Ballard Carbine: Bullet with small part of cartridge. From Nashville, TN.


Unlisted .51 Thick Base Smooth Side Bullet: .508 x .967, thick off-centered base, dug at Cavalry site just north of Brush Mtn, GA. I suspect it is an unlisted  CS carbine bullet. 

.69 fired Prussian bullets: scarce two ring nose cap bullets, found on private property near Shiloh. Specify number corresponding to bullet you want if you have a preference




$12 each

Unlisted .54 CS 3 ring Bullet: Has very shallow groves, thin base, .527 x .998. From CS lines at Brush Mtn, GA.


BT304JJJJ $16
.40 Ball: Franklin, TN find. Field cast


BT313JAJJ  $4

.46 Ball: Franklin, TN find. Field cast 

BT314JAJJ $4
62 Ball: Flat sprue cut and heavy mold line (this was a sign of a worn out mold. From Franklin, TN.


BT316JAJJ  $6

.69 Musket Ball: Most found in North Georgia and Fredericksburg..

BT25JAJJ $2 each

Standard Confederate .32 Buckshot:  Usually used in conjunction with a .69 Round ball. (See below) Found in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

BT35XJJBE $1.00 each

Mixed Confederate Fired Bullets: Have  Enfield and Confederate .54 three ring bullets, all fired at actions throughout North Georgia. A limited amount of most types, so it's first come-first serve.

BT37XJJEJ $2 each

Fired Williams Cleaners: From actions in North Georgia during the Atlanta Campaign. Some have bases, some not. Again, first come... (Also have some from Chattanooga, so specify which location you want)


$1.50 each


 Fired Round Balls: .All common calibers from .32-.69cal, name your preference, first come first serve. From North Georgia and Wilderness, VA.

BT32XJJBE $1 each

  Fired Colt Pistol Bullets: Have .32 &.44 caliber. From various areas, mostly Virginia and Tennessee.

BT34XJJEJ $1.50 each
Bullets By The Numbers

(As listed by Mason and McKee)

All bullets shown below are in dropped condition unless noted otherwise. Due to the multitude of size variations on many MM#, sometimes sizes may vary slightly from those in book. Many of these are ones I once had in my collection and where possible, I note where they came from IF known.







.52 Sharps carbine. Found near Nashville, TN


MM-43 $5

.54 Sharps Carbine


MM-44 $3

.54 US Star Carbine (small conical base)

(dug in Arkansas)

MM 53 $5
MM-53 .54 Starr Carbine


MM 53a $5
MM-53 .54 Starr Carbine


MM 53c $5

.54 US Star Carbine (sold base)


MM-53b $6
.50 Smith Carbine


MM-70 a $4

.50 Smith Carbine, patina loss in spots, but overall good.


MM-70 b $4

.50 Smith Carbine North Georgia find, brownish patina.


MM-70 c $6

    .37 Maynard

MM-84 $37

.36 Remington (From Shiloh)  

MM-99 $8

.36 Remington revolver (dug at Franklin, TN)


MM-99 c $8

.36 Remington w/sprue cutter pinch marks at ring, and small sprue at bottom. (dug at Franklin, TN) 

MM-99 b $8

.54 Merrill Carbine


MM-138  $6

.54 Merrill Carbine. Thin gray patina.


MM-139  $6

.54 Merrill Splotchy patina, has a catalogue number inked on “#3” by digger. Divot in base from when soldier lost it.


MM-139b $6

CS .54 Merril Carbine


MM-140 $8

.56 Colt Revolving Rifle


MM-141 $14
.32 Smith & Wesson (with casing remains, from Wilderness-South Mountain area, VA)


MM-146 $20

.38 Country Rifle (From Shiloh) 


MM-165  $11

.57 CS Gardner



Sharps Ringtail 1861 Rifle carbine found in Virginia


MM182 $10

.54 Sharps Carbine (From Shiloh) 


MM-186 $5

 Sharps Ringtail 1861 Rifle Carbine found in Virginia.


MM-188 $9

MM-199 .69 Italian Garibaldi (base damaged, melted or carved?)


MM-199 $12

.69 Tower variant according to the MM book, but often called a “No-ring Prussian. Fired from long distance, almost looks drop but isn’t, found near Shiloh. 


MM-211 $21

.51 Maynard Carbine, blunt nose. Nashville find. May have been fired from long distance, hard to tell.

MM-269  $8

.69 Prussian One side damaged  other side fine for display.


MM-284 $17

.54 Burnside Carbine Dish Base. (From Shiloh)


MM-309   $8

.72 cal Foreign Rifle Mold.  Weak patina, slightly out of round base.


MM-323  $30

.69 Rifle Musket. Scarce stepped cavity #15 Found in middle Tenn.


MM-329 $4

 6 pt swage .58 US musket. Weak and splotchy patina.


MM-344  $5

5 point swage .58 base bullet


MM-348 $6
Pistol Carbine. Out of round base, otherwise good.


MM-352a SOLD
.58 Pistol Carbine


MM-352 $4

.577 CS Musket


MM-379 $5

.577 CS  musket


MM-409 $12

.42 Kerr FIRED Sharpshooter Bullet: Fired, found in north Georgia. Dropped these are $80+ bullets, but fired are just as rare and cost a lot less. NOTE! .58 three ring bullet is shown with the fired Kerr for size comparison only.

MM-439 $17

.51 Gallagher Carbine. Slight base damage, done when lost.


MM-442 $8
Gallagher Carbine (Drop, but plow struck on back side)


MM-452 $4
.54 Richmond Lab. Sharps


MM-464 $8

Richmond Laboratory Sharps


MM-464 $5

Richmond Lab Sharps Carbine. Weak rings, thin patina.


MM-464a  $5

Richmond Laboratory Sharps Bullet found in Richmond, VA.


MM-464 b  $10

Richmond Laboratory Sharps Bullet found in Richmond, VA 


MM-464(c) $10
.54 Sharps Short Pattern

(plow damage but ok for display)


MM-467 (a) $8

 .54 Sharps Short Pattern  

MM-467 (b) $10

.52 Joshlyn Carbine, May have been fired from long distance, one side “bowed. Other side looks dropped. JUST ADDED!

MM-470  $5
.44 Army revolver by Colt


MM-480 $4

.44 Ballard (?) slightly deformed. (From Shiloh)


MM-483 $10
.44 Colt Early Model


MM-491 $3

.36 Whitney (From Shiloh)



MM-516  .58 Williams Cleaner Type I Washer missing.


MM-516  $4

Williams Cleaner Type III


MM-540 $3.50
Carved  Bullets & Oddities    
Carved Dice?: Can't make out numbers, soldier may have been in the process of making it from a musket ball. North Ga find. JUST ADDED! BT343JEJJ $11

Spencer carbine bullet: Looks to have fused to iron or sediment, a water find from South Carolina Lowcountry. 

BT334JAJJ $6

Half Bullet: .58 three ring minie split down middle, Found at Hixon, TN 

BT328JAJJ $5

Chewed Civil War Bullet: Severely chewed. In 2.5 x 3.5“ velvet lined black display case with label.

BT310JBJJ $15

1861-1864 Civil War Bullet: Whittled On By Bored Soldier, Found In North Georgia, In 2.5 x 3.5“velvet lined black display case with label.

BT309JBJJ $10

Odd Small Carved Bullet: .37 x .463, have no idea what bullet  it was carved from. From mid Tennessee.

BT300JAJJ $4

Cut-Off Minie?: Looks like it was made that way, but I suspect it is just a 3-ring bullet that has been carved. .567 x .793. Found in Mid Tennessee.

BT299JAJJ $5

Flattened 3-Ring Bullet: Found near Kolb's Farm, GA. This is what bored soldiers did! Flattened to .164 thick, 1.14 wide x 1.8 long, can still see the rings clearly. 

BT250JJJJ $10

Melted Three Ring Minnie: This one was among many I dug from a hut site at Waugh Point, VA, several years ago.

BT240JAJJ $4


Melted Three Ring Minnie: Yet another,  among many I dug from a hut site at Waugh Point, VA, several years ago.

BT241JAJJ $4
Severely Pulled Bullet: Soldier went crazy with his extractor on this 3-ringer, leaving a worm hole 1/2 deep, which almost broke through base. Wow! Mud Creek, GA, find. BT207JIJJ $18
Chewed Musket Ball: Most are chewed by hogs, contrary to the old “bite the bullet” legend. Found in Savannah, Ga JUST ADDED! BT341JAJJ $6

Chewed Bullet: .58 three ring minie, chewed with what does look to be human teeth marks. Most are animals, and this one may be Hog, but it is suspicious. Found in Middle Tennessee.


BT283JAJJ $14
Chewed Bullet: Likely done by critters, as most are. This .58 Minie has been chewed like bubble gum! From Middle Tennessee. BT282JAJJ $10


Cotton Seal: Lead, from Fredericksburg. No markings.  





Carved Bullet: Looks like cut from Maynard, one ring visible. Found at Nashville.

BT339JDJJ $8

Phallic Gardner Bullet: Likely due to how it hit soft mud, but definitely an odd shaped bullet. These are found carved, but I think this one was a “natural occurrence.” Found near Chickamauga.

BT340JEJJ $12

Carved Pendulum: This is big, might be a fishing sinker but heavy! 3 ½ long, definitely homemade, you can see how it was carved and hammered into shape, found in Savannah, Georgia.



 Carved pistol bullet w/ square nail hole:  Don't know reason, but he may have been making a fishing sinker

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