Late Victorian Items

   "You know, not everything nice was made during the Civil War!"                     

 (Angry spouse after partner passed up a good deal because item was post 1865)


It's true: some folks like the items made after the Civil War, and with good reason! Lots of great items fall into this category, and are every bit as historical and desirable. This page is devoted to all things of the late 1800's, and we hope you find a few things you like!

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 Black Americana 

Jewelry & Misc.

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Old Glasses:  Company was established in 1904, I would suspect glasses to be about that age. Case is printed “Dr N. Rosenstein/ Optometrist/ Durham, N.C.” Glasses would be fine for reenactors, though, and may predate the case.  Have new lenses cut for your prescription, and vola! Correct glasses for your impression! Just Added!

CC85JEJJ $15
Victorian era Mechanical Pencil: Silver, marked “ACME /Pat Pending/ Sterling” Could be used for a Civil War impression, as they look almost identical. Probably 1880s.Good condition.



Silver Spoon Handle: Has old English “C” enraved on it, various hallmarks but one says “Pat 1901” so postwar. Solid silver, found in Savannah, GA.

Plated Brass Crucifix:  Very detailed, fluted back. GVJ92JCJJ


Two Piece Crucifix:  Christ is attached to cross with pins. Heavy, unsure of metal, may be pewter. Has odd hole in side for chain loop. 



Enameled Mesh Purse:  Very ornate, only damage is separation at bottom, which could easily be repaired if you wish to use it. If you just display it, damage can't be seen. Even the original chain handle is intact.3" x 7". 



Rhinestone Crown Pin: Not quite an inch, but beautifully set with red white and blue rhinestones, this crown shape pin has two Maltese cross symbols and marcasite style setting.  The c clasp is old and has been replaced, so no idea what type it may have had first.  GVJ75AHJJ


                  Late Victorian decorative button: Thin stamped brass with small soldered on shank. I'd guess age as late 1800-early 1900. BN265JAJJ


Tiny Black Crescent: Barely an inch long, this small sliver moon shaped pin has a very tiny pearl (which scratches like a real one) in the center. Old style C clasp.







Cast pewter button: Unsure of age on this one, so I'll price it real fair. Has the look and feel of a mid-late 1800's button, though



Child's Gold Plated Bracelet: This is so sweet! Two inches in diameter with a safety chain that needs re-attaching. What little girl wouldn't love wearing this?  The clasp works well and can be worn now.   



Red Stone Brooch: It no longer has a clasp, but is a pretty piece anyway. One and one half inch long with a large red glass stone. AVJ16-GFJ $14

Gold Heart Locket w/Diamond Chip: This is a lovely little locket with a tiny diamond chip front center.  Approximately .75 of an inch at its widest point and has pretty etching along the edge.  Opened you can see it contains two photographs circa WWII (?).  The photos date much later than the locket. 









Brass Flower Bar Pin: This is so sweet!  The center flower looks like a dogwood and the cut out design is very pretty.  In very good wearable condition.  GVJ62JGJJ






Black Onyx 9-ky Gold Collar Button: Has unusual double stud, almost like a "puppy paw" buckle.  Small chip from corner, barely noticeable GVJ50JBJJ






"H" 12k Gold Cuff Link: Embossed "H'   GVJ43JBJJ






Brass Collar Button Set of 2: These may even be copper, it's hard to tell. What the folks who couldn't afford gold were wearing. Small approximately half inch and uniquely decorated.  GVJ45JDJJ



$20 set



Engraved Gold Collar Button Set of 2: Engraved "EH" in that OLD style engraving! These are quite pretty with an enameled designed engraving. 



$40 set


 Fancy Cuff Link Set: Plated brass with rhinestones, and came in set of three ;-)  Most likely shirt buttons for fancy dress such as tuxedo...


$15 for all three

Religious Pendant: Silver Plated brass, "Our Lady of My Carmel, Pray for Us."



TINY Religious Charm. All I can make out is "Sterling" and a picture of a church and a Saint(?).



Mary Pendent:  Silver, not marked as to content.  May even be coin silver.  Probably dates to early 1900's, with "Italy" stamped on back.



Dramatic Sword:       I love this pin and wanted to keep it!  Very bold and dramatic, it resembles an Arabic sword and has a design that is probably cast rather than engraved.  The handle is quite detailed and the piece is plated.   



 Civilian Items

Item #

IXL Knives:  Great condition, and marked with  IXL mark! Late 1800's era.   MN282JGJJ

$15 each

Wooden Folding Ruler: Unfolds to 36", with brass hardware.  Made by Raybon, England. Unsure of exact date, but identical to ones from mid 1800's to late 1800's.



Wooden School Kit:  Pencil box:  Has places for pencils, erasers, ink, etc, enclosed in a hardwood box with dovetail lids (2).  When removed, lids allow other compartments to open, muck like a puzzle.  Very ingenious! Dates from  late 1800's. 



  Old Straight Razor Boxes: No razors, just boxes, I'm guessing from late 1800's to early 1900's.  Perfect way to display your old razors. Could also be used in by reinactors to keep your razor in. 


$5 each

  Curry Combs: We have two, probably late 1800-early 1900 vintage, have rust but have good solid handles. Your choice of the two shown. 




$25 each

One left



Cut Out Button: Floral design, brass, with silvered back  CC26JJEJ






Walnut & Bug Cut Out Button: Gilted brass, neat design of walnut with a beetle? on it. 



Brass Balls Button: Just no other way to describe it...



  Aqua Double Pen-Rest Inkwell: This is a clever design, with two ridges blown into glass which provided a place to hold the pens. Much more scarce than the common inkwells. Maker's mark with an R on the bottom.







Cloth Covered Buttons: Don't know anything about these, probably early 1900's. No shank, instead thread was sewn through cloth pad in back.  Note: I think these are for upholstery...  



$3 each

1880's Ledger Book: Kids, this is what they used for records before the computer! Appears to be owned by somebody who was a book-keeper. Many entries, book approximately 9 x 14, close to three hundred pages. Skips some pages as far as entries.  BK19CAJJ  





Pen Nibs: Various eras, for use by re-enactors to create your own pens, or to replace missing ones. 


$2 each

Black Americana

Item #


Listening To The Master's Word:  I just love this postcard!  It is apparently from a series because on the back is written on the side: "C.T. Happy South Scenes."  Probably from the 1930's.  And this picture makes you feel good, feel comforted when you look at it.  The glare on the left is because the card is in a protective plastic sleeve.  MS11JFEJ