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  Civil War Jewelry

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"But YOU just paid $500 for a smashed button that you can't even wear!"

(Overheard from the girlfriend of relic collector)


Many collectors of Civil War Period items concentrate on those artifacts that remind us of the war and soldiers and the battles they fought. Civilian items: jewelry, household tools and such, are beginning to grow in popularity. Whether you just appreciate a pretty bauble or adornment, or feel the attachment to someone's prized brooch or locket, this page offers selections of the feminine nature. Kitchen items, writing implements, sewing tools can be found on this page.  Most are in worn, in obviously used condition, not as shiny as they were when first worn or used in the 19th century. To me, this makes them more desirable, more dear, to see how they survived the century. Some show the age and patina that adds appreciation for surviving at all.

My appreciation of Victorian, 19th century jewelry, by no means makes me an expert. Through research I've learned what kind of designs and styles were worn at the time, but I am still learning!

 1860's Jewelry      Civilian Displays  

Civilian Items   

1860's Jewelry

Item # Price

Hair Jewelry/Photo Reversible Brooch: Gold, likely 10 KT but not certain of karat, one side has strands of braided hair, other a photo of woman. A pivot allows it to swing to either side. T bar pin is original, but someone had a safety clasp added. Actually, that’s a good modification, as it can be worn with less chance of loss. Such “:flip” pieces are becoming very hard to find, but here is your chance. Approximately 1 1/8 x 1 ˝”.



12 Kt. Woven Hair Watch Fob and Key: This piece is in excellent condition, as solid and complete as you'll find. It even has the watch key. Fittings are 12Kt gold. Light brown hair, 18" overall. 



Oval with Pearl: This is a great pin - the cross floral design resembles dogwood and has a tiny pearl in the center. T-bar and C clasp. Tests 10kt gold  




 Civilian Items

Item # Price
“Thumb” pipe bowl: Marked 'Creme de Flandre' , this French company produced clay pipes from 1850-1920.  Have two, first come, first serve. 



  “Thumb” pipe bowl: Has both a thumb (the bowl) and a finger (the stem). 





“Foot” pipe bowl: Very unusual, foot has two toes missing. Probably mid-late 1800s.



Leather Pocket Purse: Two compartment, typical 1800s. Leather very supple and intact, could still be used if desired. Aprox. 3” wide.



Tintype: Little girl, looks to be 1860s-70, trimmed to fit locket. 



Kitchen/Mess Knife: Mid-Late 1800s, Pewter bolster and but cap, bone handle, good condition. 9 ˝”.



Mid 1800's porcelain doll: clothing is homespun, likely made by owner. Some wear on hair paint. Porcelain head and hands, soft body. Nice display stand included. 10 1/2 " tall. What better gift to get your daughter or wife  into collecting than this classic original doll?  



Child's Tin Cup: 2 1/2" tall, 2 1/4" at base, in great condition. Has flat bottom indicative of the mid 1800's, plus soldered seams. From the collection of noted collector Charles Harris



Child's Tin Pail: 2 1/4" tall, 1 5/8" at base, in good condition. Has flat bottom indicative of the mid 1800's, plus soldered seams. From the collection of noted collector Charles Harris 



Clay Pipe: Smooth bowl, with enough stem to smoke. Marked Black king Twist and Old Charlie Smoking. One side has black spots on it in two places.    



Repaired Hand Iron. Aprox 5 1/2" tall, cast iron. Handle has been replaced, but still a neat display item or would make a great bookend! Found at Sister's Ferry, GA  



Bone Toothbrush: Classic Mid 1800's, just like the soldiers used .Missing only the horsehair bristles and one row of holes,  Nice solid slick bone, 6 1/4" long 



Early Fork: Has lots of marks designating it's origins, which I have not deciphered. I'm guessing it's early 1800's, certainly before 1850. MN304JAJJ


Johnny Carson's Civil   War Era Wallet ? Glass ambrotype (yes, it does resemble Johnny!) was stuck deep inside wallet when we got it. Was this the wallet's owner, or a friend? It's just a shame there is no ID to go with it. Rarely seen style with separate compartments. Very old stitched repair on front, done over a hundred years ago. Ambrotype included, of course!







Fancy Silver Spoon: This design is very pretty, sort of a mix of leaves and feathers.  There are no markings on the small teaspoon, it may be coin silver.  It is very lightweight. 



Red Fan with Case: Very delicate, but in great condition, this fan is quite fancy with it's case and brass tip.  May be polished cotton, but is some kind of fabric that has held up well.  The case is 6 inches long and the fan when opened measures 9 inches from end to end.  Could make a wonderful display or shadow box piece. 







Bone Buttons: 1800's era, identical to those dug in camps and period house sites. Perfect for re-enactors of all periods. Four hole styles only in stock.


$1 each

Victorian Clasp Purse: Material is reminiscent of carpet bags, worn but solid. Frame is a pewter like material, finely decorated, MWG engraved on back of frame. Some separation of cloth and frame, but not too bad.







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